No crap! Fight against the food waste with SirPlus and save money

Do you remember our article about food waste? With the staggering number of 1.3 billion tons of thrown food worldwide. What does this have to do with you and your company? On one hand, you can save money with the avoidance of food waste and take measures for your success (our tips were also in the last article: „Why less food waste means more success“). But not only. Because soon, thanks to food waste, you can also buy up to 70% cheaper. Or rather, thanks to SirPlus.

A start-up that wants to revolutionize the food industry

SirPlus? You do not know it yet? Doesn’t matter, after all, the startup only exists since 19. April 2017. Their idea is so great that you will not forget SirPlus so quickly; and if you live in Germany, soon use.


The concept of SirPlus

1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away every year and around the world. Many of them are still edible. Too late delivered and no longer needed, too crooked, too extraordinary. There are enough reasons, but only one consequence: the food, which can actually still be eaten, migrates into the garbage. SirPlus refelcted particularaly this problem. Various businesses sell their excess food for cheaper prizes, so that they aren’t wasted.


Buy directly in Berlin, deliver in all of Germany

If you live in Berlin, you are lucky. This is where the first food outlet shop will be opened by SirPlus. Whether it is for private individuals, representatives of the HORECA industry. You can buy it there or just order it online. Either way, the food will be yours on the same day (assuming you are in Berlin).

At SirPlus, you can buy impeccable food online or at the store; And up to 70% cheaper than elsewhere.

But don’t worry. Even if you are not living in Berlin, you can profit from SirPlus. Then just order online.


A digital and international marketplace for unwanted food

A consolation patch for all others outside Germany: SirPlus plans to extend the service internationally. And a digital marketplace on an international level.

In the second step, SirPlus wants to build a digital marketplace (…) “To systematically and intelligently combine the supply and demand of surplus food. The platform is designed to replicate the entire value chain, from farmers and producers to distributors and logistics companies to wholesalers and supermarkets. “

For you, this means you can use the platform to see what excess food is offered and order it.



Great Project? Do you want to make sure that it is actually implemented? Then we have good news, because until the beginning of June there is another crowdfunding campaign happening to finance SirPlus.