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Why less food waste means more success

Are you still throwing money out of the window? Or rather, putting food into the garbage? We will tell you why you should rather stop today than tomorrow and what effect a deliberate handling of food has on your economic success. Valuable tips and easy implementation included.

What do you think, how much the share of the food that goes into the garbage is. Worldwide? And how much of it is caused by gastronomy? So much in advance: high. Very high. This is an important topic. Not only because our resources and the environment are important to us. But you as well. Because food waste also damages your success. You do not only throw the food away, but practically your money.

Worldwide, 1/3 of the food lands in the garbage

An estimated 88 million tonnes of food in the European Union, or about 2 million in Switzerland. 12% are thrown away by the gastronomy in the EU.

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Of course we do not need to tell you now why food is thrown away in the catering business. Because you’ll experience it day after day. It is much more exciting to find out how to avoid this in the future. And why it is worth it.


How a thoughtful approach to food helps your success

You can probably guess why. Food costs money. Save yourself waste, save yourself purchases. The costs that can be saved are not to be underestimated!

In Austria, around 200,000 tonnes of foods per year are thrown away.

“(…) for the entire industry, a theoretical savings potential of EUR 395 million for the use of goods alone. For companies, the maximum cost savings can clearly go into the 6-digit range depending on the composition and quantity of the food waste.
(Helmut Obergantschnig, Gastro-Data, Quote on the Website of United Against Waste, April 2017 ) 

And not only that: disposal also costs. Alone in the Viennese gastronomy businesses, arounf 7 million euros are spent on the disposal of food waste.

The fact that targeted measures can save money, is obvious. And has also been proven by various companies. For example, the Hotel Bevoir in Switzerland. Thanks to advice fromUnited Against Waste was able to reducewaste by 30% in 3 weeks and saved 3000 francs a month. Or from the Schulthess Clinic, where the saving, thanks to measures, amounts to 1000 francs per month.

Reducing food waste is worthwhile. But what is the best way to do this?


Hints & Tricks for saving money and waste

We have a few tips to help you save money and actively combat food waste:

  • Offer different portion sizes. Keyword children or senior portions. The guests know best how big their hunger is.
  • Let your guests choose the side dishes themselves. Thus, unwanted things do not come on the plate and subsequently do not get thrown into the garbage.
  • Donate your left-overs.
  • Think about your serving sizes. With a reasonable size, you can avoid plate rests.
  • Optimize your purchase planning. With a regular inventory you get the necessary overview of how much you really need. (Interesting: our Tips on an effortless inventory)
  • Use a smallermenu and find out which foods are actually consumed.
  • Offer take-away boxes. This will save you money on disposal and the food will be eaten later.
  • Use technical possibilities like Shock freezing or vacuuming for food you have not used. (More about this in our Reviews of Sous Vide)

Tips for the buffet:

  • Adjust the container sizes and use low or separable containers. This way, you can control the specified quantities better, the fresh impression is retained.
  • Mark all foods.
  • Reduce the edible decoration at the buffet.