Knowledge is market power

Whether restaurant chain, large catering provider or hotel: your company is a complex system of digital data. FoodNotify Analytics makes it clear to you. We analyze, evaluate and report your goods-related processes and visualize the findings. From purchasing to POS system to inventory management. For every business unit and location. Check every operational key performance indicator in real time. Use extremely detailed knowledge for all phases of your decision-making process. Maximize profitability along your entire value chain.

Data management

We transform your historical and current data linked in the FoodNotify system into homogeneous, consistent and structured data architectures. In this way, we ensure that each of your team members in charge always has access to clean, up-to-date data. Making the right decisions and carrying out highly efficient work steps is therefore a lot easier and more reliable. Our data management creates the highest quality of all data information.

Data analysis

With technologies such as Business Analytics (BA) and Business Intelligence (BI), we identify the legitimacy, dependencies and interrelationships between all your business areas. We adapt our analysis methods completely to the operational key performance indicators of interest to you, evaluate them according to your individual needs – and therefore answer all your profound questions about your goods-related data processes.

Data visualization

We visualize all gained insights for you using interactive dashboards – always tailored to your internal requirements. From food costs to cost of goods and annual turnover – every key performance indicator becomes visible to you. You can compare them with each of your locations and get significant findings. Modern F&B management today can hardly do without this form of data visualization. The real-time overview makes work much easier for organizational, planning and budgetary tasks.

Predictive Analytics

Due to our comprehensive data analyses, you also have a broad knowledge of your historical goods-related processes. We use predictive forecasting technologies to determine where your business is likely to develop. We make predictions about future restaurant capacity, sales trends, required order quantities for each day of the week, for holiday and a lot more. This provides an enormous wealth of detail for making rational strategic, financial and operational decisions.

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