Ordering goods 2.0

Save time with digital order management

In order to be able to offer customers attractive products of the highest quality, it is important for small and mid-sized catering businesses in particular to make their operational processes as efficient as possible.  Tasks such as ordering goods, calculating profit margins and cost structures, or creating menus that meet all the regulatory requirements can quickly become a real challenge without the right staff.

FoodNotify is the ideal digital solution for you. Thanks to the FoodNotify ordering platform’s large supplier network, you can offer your customers exciting culinary novelties at any time without spending scores of hours per week browsing food markets. In addition, the integrated recipe management enables you to standardise all your ingredient lists and instructions for preparation.

Professional cost management

Don’t let costs get away from you

Small catering establishments such as bars, cafés and snack bars have to pay particular attention to costs. FoodNotify helps you calculate your profit margin and the cost of goods with our user-friendly cost of goods and contribution margin calculator.

Calculate the cost of your dishes with just one click using FoodNotify. In the next step, you can determine the appropriate sales price for your products while ensuring that this still earns you a sufficiently high contribution margin. This allows you to meet your weekly, monthly or quarterly budgets while still being able to offer an attractive range of cuisine. Even if your suppliers change their prices, FoodNotify’s automatic price and master data updates ensure that you are always on the safe side and enable you to react to price changes at an early stage.

Menus that look professionally designed

Meet legal requirements and the most exacting customer requirements with the FoodNotify menu designer

Appealing menus fulfil an important advertising function for every catering business. But not everyone has the necessary computer skills and graphic talent to design them. FoodNotify makes your life easier here too with our simple and professional menu designer. This not only offers an enormous variety of graphic templates and a simple translation function for over 100 languages, but, thanks to its connection to the FoodNotify ordering platform, it also automatically labels your dishes with all the relevant nutritional values, ingredients and FIC data. As a result, your menus are always clear, beautifully designed, and in compliance with all the legal requirements.

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