From catering planning to event management

FoodNotify Catering is the digitally networked platform with which you can easily and reliably plan and manage your catering. Plan any project with all specific data for any possible period of time – from event catering to hotel catering to community catering. Standardized, structured, usable and analyzable in real-time. Achieve significantly more efficiency and profitability along your entire planning, production and logistics chain.

Create and manage every catering project easily

Whatever you want to realize – whether banquet, flying diner, live cooking show or tailor-made catering project for conferences, festivals or sporting events: with FoodNotify Catering you can easily create any project. You provide it with all individual data – e.g. client, category of catering, orders, recipes, number of guests – and manage all information for future orders as well. You can also use filters to quickly search for specific data. For example, you can search for dishes that have already been prepared, for your catering teams or for the rights that have been assigned to users.

Automated recipe management and FIC-labeling

FoodNotify Catering is part of our centrally networked inventory management platform – and therefore also linked to our digital cookbook. This means: you can automatically create recipes with the right food, drinks and menus for every catering service. Just as easily and quickly, each recipe is labeled with all allergens, nutritional values and additives it contains. And you can not only assign your creations to different menu courses, but also categorize them nutritionally – from vegan to vegetarian to meaty.

Order centrally, keep track of everything and reduce waste

FoodNotify Catering is also connected to our ordering platform – and your purchasing department is therefore connected to leading wholesalers and suppliers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Through automatic data synchronization, all products, prices and article master data are updated daily. You also always know which products have to be ordered as you can see the current stock level for all ingredients stored in our system. In addition, with FoodNotify Analytics you can analyze your entire order history and recognize all important trends from the number of guests to taste preferences to weekend weather. This allows you to plan your purchases for future catering projects much more accurately and minimize your waste.

Calculate the cost of goods exactly in real time

Calculate exactly for each guest? This is also done automatically and therefore very easy. Calculate the exact cost of goods for each dish and drink, taking into account the required quantities of ingredients and daily updated sales prices. In this way, the average cost of goods for each complete menu plan as well as for each menu course can be seen at a glance. You always have an overview of your top sellers and slow sellers and can easily optimize your calculation if necessary.

Catering planning with all equipment

You should also take this into account: dishes and cutlery in various sizes and pieces. Equipment from kitchen and lighting to stage technology. Accessories and decorations such as tablecloths, napkins and candlesticks. Thanks to FoodNotify Catering, you can define and store all equipment individually for each of your projects, tailored to each of your menu courses. In combination with further information on team members, number of guests or even the place of delivery of your service, your catering business turns into something very efficient.

Optimal catering planning through easy handling

Every catering project is only successful if its preparation is already very user-friendly and reliable. This is exactly what the FoodNotify Catering Platform helps you to achieve. It is consistently well-thought-out with regard to all important planning and management requirements. Clearly structured for the individual administration and organization of all project-specific data. And it has a modern web design that makes every planning application virtually self-explanatory and thus extremely simple.

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