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More and more decision-makers in the food industry have come to this conclusion: your company can only achieve success if it utilises digitalisation processes and relies on efficient, synchronised structures. Are you a wholesaler or the owner of a themed restaurant? A producer or a food retailer, a caterer or the representative of a local authority? Then FoodNotify Consulting is your partner. We analyse and evaluate your digital work processes and those that can be digitalised. Based on our findings, we then establish the necessary optimisation processes. We develop digital process strategies. And we translate all this into innovative digital administration concepts and products. Secure your long-term business success today and in the future by taking advantage of FoodNotify Consulting’s digitalisation expertise.

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Initial review based on online questionnaire and initial personal interview.


In-depth analysis of your digital and digitalisable processes. Presentation of results, identification of optimisation needs, strategy recommendations, process planning and more.


Setting up all digital processes. Pilot run and readjustment if necessary. Official roll-out to all company sites.


Review and evaluation of all processes that have been set up and, if requested, additional ongoing support by FoodNotify Consulting.

Digitalisation offers an enormous potential for savings

For example, how much time does your company spend procuring materials that are needed in day-to-day administration, operations or maintenance – not to mention the goods involved in production? With the aid of digitalised processes, an average mid-sized company with around 7,100 orders per year can reduce its order costs by more than 40 percent, from currently just under 820,000 euros to 480,000 euros. The study also breaks down the effects of digitalisation in individual sectors – such as choice of suppliers, ordering goods, receipt of goods and payment. If a business uses a uniform but manual process that costs the company around 115 euros, digital tools can reduce the cost to 67.94 euros.

Source: Study published by the HTWK Leipzig and the e-commerce service provider Mercateo

40% costs savings

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FoodNotify Consulting is playing a decisive role in shaping the digital transformation in the food industry – as an expert in digitalisation, a critical observer and a trendsetting pioneer. For innovative digital business models and technological solutions that benefit the entire industry. This is what I and my entire team stand for.
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