Complicated, labour-intensive tasks are a thing of the past

Regular trips to the warehouse to check and optimise inventory levels and take stock? While FoodNotify can’t do these tasks for you, it can make them much less complicated and save you time and money. We achieve this by connecting your POS system to our order platform and online merchandise management system.

Keeping stock levels up to date by connecting them to your POS? Smart thinking!

Connect your digital POS system to our online merchandise management system and you will have a very efficient tool at your disposal. Data is constantly transmitted back and forth between both systems, allowing the dishes and beverages you have sold to be automatically checked against the ingredients and products that are still available your warehouse. In this way, you are always informed about real-time stock levels. Refining your control in this way helps you order goods more efficiently and on time. It also helps you detect and avoid warehouse loss, wastage and expiration at an early stage – especially in the case of perishable goods.

Warehouse management with alert function? We will let you know!

With all the daily administration work involved in managing your kitchen, it’s easy to forget about the warehouse. But don’t worry! If your stock levels are too low, our online ERP system will actively inform you – while also suggesting products and ingredients that need reordering. Stock levels can also be adjusted manually for goods that are delivered or issued outside of the standard delivery times.

Digital inspection of incoming goods? No hassle – just use your smartphone!

No restaurant owner can afford any defective or missing deliveries. So why not use your smartphone to check deliveries with even greater accuracy and in the shortest possible time? This is particularly useful for larger deliveries, as our online ERP system does not tie you to any particular location or software. Benefit from a completely paperless process and send any notifications that may be necessary to your supplier immediately.

We are delighted to have found an innovative, future-oriented partner in FoodNotify. Their team is always on hand to provide quick support and respond to inquiries and suggestions quickly.

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