Complicated, labour-intensive tasks are a thing of the past

Going to the warehouse regularly to check stock levels and make inventories? FoodNotify does not spare you these efforts - but it makes it much easier, saving time and money at the same time. Because we connect your POS system with our ordering platform and online merchandise management system.

Keeping stock levels up to date by connecting them to your POS? Smart thinking!

If you link your digital POS system with our online merchandise management system, you will have a very efficient tool at your disposal. Through constant data transfer between both systems, the food and beverages you sell are automatically matched with the ingredients and products still available in your warehouse. This means you will always be informed about your stock levels in the real time. This better control helps you to order goods efficiently and in a more timely manner, detecting and avoiding warehouse shrinkage, waste and best-before dates at an early stage - especially with perishable goods.

Warehouse management with alert function? We will let you know!

With all the daily administration work involved in managing your kitchen, it’s easy to forget about the warehouse. But don’t worry! If your stock levels are too low, our online ERP system will actively inform you – while also suggesting products and ingredients that need reordering. Stock levels can also be adjusted manually for goods that are delivered or issued outside of the standard delivery times.

Inventory lists and real-time stock levels? Comfortably via mobile app!

With the FoodNotify Mobile App you have all inventory lists in one place. You can also filter within the lists by storage locations and by categories from fruit & vegetables to meat and dairy products. Articles can also be specifically searched for. Our system shows you which quantities are in stock and where. No matter how many business locations you have, you always have live control over all cost centres and warehouses, including article and price information. And if something is missing: just order directly via FoodNotify!

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