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More flexibility

Order your goods directly from your warehouse

Gather groceries quickly and easily. Simply scan the barcode of the product and get all the information such as allergens, ingredients and nutritional values. With an interface connection to merchants you will also receive the current prices of the items. Orders can be made quickly and directly via the FoodNotify app.

The functionality of the app in detail:

  • barcode scanner
  • database of more than 1.5 million ingredients
  • information about all products (ingredients, additives, allergens and nutritional information)
  • simple conversion of the EU FIC (EU Food Information for Consumers Regulations)
  • no further printing of product data sheets
  • offline function (works without internet connection)
  • manage shopping lists
  • multiple users
  • ordering of products
  • “fast order” feature – paper chase is a thing of the past

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Convince yourself of the benefits of the FoodNotify app available for iOS and Android

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