Tel Aviv Beach

FoodNotify goes Tel Aviv!

We made it! On April 12 2016, FoodNotify made it through “competitive pitching” (jury selection) and was qualified to participate at Start Hub, an excellent program at Tel Aviv-Yaffo College.

“The Start Hub: A Unique, Practical Entrepreneurship Facilitating Program”

More specifically – as the slogan goes – a unique, practical, facilitating program for companies at the Academic College in Tel Aviv. We will spend five weeks together with other startups in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. We’re going back to school to learn as much as possible. Not only that, but to improve our ideas and offer, and to learn as much as possible from the mentors teaching at the college.

Innovative company in one of the most innovative cities in the world!

“This is perfect”, we thought. So we didn’t hesitate and registered for the program straight away, taking on the challenge of the selection process and finally making it. We’re now looking forward to the input from the College of Tel Aviv as well as enjoying the inspiring spirit of the city. According to the Wall Street Journal, it is one of the world’s most innovative cities, surpassed only by Silicon Valley (in the USA). Each year 1,000 new startups are founded here, and as such Tel Aviv is packed with young, creative people and international emerging companies. There will definitely be enough inspiration for us!

GIN makes it possible!

Participation is part of the Accelerator program* “Go Tel Aviv”. It’s target group: young startups who want to adapt their business ideas for the global market. Perfect for FoodNotify!

Only those who think out of the box can establish themselves as a company and participate on the international market. Thomas Primus

The program is organized by GIN (the Global Incubator Network), financed by AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA and Go International. “Go Tel Aviv is a program which can help Austrian companies to network internationally. We are very excited about this,” said Dr. Harald Mahrer, initiator of the Global Incubator Network.

In any case, we are looking forward a great time and gaining new knowledge, useful input and inspiration. Of course we want to include this in our offer, so you too will enjoy the fruits of the the next few days in Tel Aviv!


* Accelerator = an institution which provides startups with intensive coaching or similar supports within a short period of time, therefore promoting their developmental process.