FoodNotify Premium

Can it be more?

In addition to FoodNotify Free, you can also benefit from valuable premium features: Additional location, contribution margin calculator, POS system connection and more. Simply book all premium features as needed and start your journey.

FoodNotify PREMIUM

Price per month and location / license excl. VAT | automatic extension | cancellable monthly

Additional location (first free)59 CHF€ 29,-£ 29,-
Contribution margin calculator39 CHF€ 19,-£ 19,-
Delivery reports99 CHF€ 49,-£ 49,-
Inventory management
up to 250 products99 CHF
unlimited products199 CHF
up to 250 products€ 49,-
unlimited products€ 99,-
up to 250 products£ 49,-
unlimited products£ 99,-
POS connections*199 CHF 99 CHF*€ 99,- € 59,-*£ 99,- £ 59,-
Personal hotline19 CHF€ 9,-£ 9,-

Get 2 Months for free by yearly subscription!

* Valid only for new customers, action valid until further notice, prices do not include VAT.

FoodNotify ADD-ONS

Creating recipes* 199 CHF* € 99,-£ 11,-
Setting up suppliers* 199 CHF* € 99,-£ 11,-
Online Training** 199 CHF** € 99,-£ 11,-

* Included: Collecting and analysing the data, estimating the workload and two working hours for data entry. Additional working hour € 59,-79 CHF

** One unit equals 60 minutes.

Prices do not include VAT. Add-ons can be booked at any time.

More details about the FoodNotify platform and an explanation of all functions can be found here.

All premium features and add-ons can be booked at any time after registration.
Start now with FoodNotify, free and without obligation.