Gastronomy of today and tomorrow: CHEFDAYS 2016

On May 9–10 2016, Austria’s largest food symposium took place in the Messe Congress Graz – CHEFDAYS. For two days, everything revolved around gastronomy, cooking, innovative meals and creative minds. Masterclasses and cooking demonstrations whet the appetites of those who may have had a mild interest in cooking and provided a source of motivation and inspiration. Besides the fantastic meals, the star chefs presented their opinions on the future on gastronomy.

Inspiration, ideas, professionals in their fields and great shows: these were CHEFDAYS 2016! In addition, innovative products were presented on the marketplace, and of course, FoodNotify was there! We are proud that we could take part and we wanted to share our experiences with you!

Gastronomy of today at CHEFDAYS

Here are some of the highlights from the cooking demonstrations at CHEFDAYS 2016 in Graz!

Gastronomy of tomorrow

Whilst the visitors at CHEFDAYS were focused on the star chefs of today, there was another question in the room:

“How will it go on? What does the future of gastronomy look like?” And what the demonstrations and certain meals showed is confirmed by the answer to this question.


The future of gastronomy is a step back towards national identity – Vladimir Mukhin, White Rabbit

A new world view, and an appreciation of food and agriculture is needed – Heinz Reitbauer, Steirereck

It is staring us in the face! – Richard Rauch, Steira Wirt

These quotes already show us the direction things are going: the preparation of regional products, the integration of traditions and a new appreciation of food. These tendencies weren’t just expressed theoretically, but were practiced by the star chefs.

On the rooftop of Kitchen Rebels in Flanders in Belgium there is a small rooftop garden, in which vegetables are grown and bees are kept. Even Magnus Eck has his own garden near his restaurant “Oaxen Krog”, which primarily gives him independence. Heinz Reitbauer and the Steirereck team slaughter cattle which is delivered from the farmhouse “next door” and not imported from far away.

Vladimir Mukhins opinion is similar, whereby the advancement of gastronomy is the step towards national identity. This is because due to technical innovations and developments, dishes everywhere were starting to be produced in a similar way (regarding technical means and imported products). However, if a chef brings his own tradition and culture into the mix, this will appear in the food. And since people are versatile, so will their dishes be.

The appreciation of foods used was clearly important for many of the speakers. The phrase “I want to make as much as possible of the product myself” was heard frequently. This applied in particular for Austrian cuisine (such as Steirereck and Steira Wirt), whereby the use of a part which for a while has received very little attention: offal.

Weil es beim Kochen und in der Gastronomie um weit mehr geht als reine Nahrungsmittel-Zubereitung! ©Rolling Pin
Weil es beim Kochen und in der Gastronomie um weit mehr geht als reine Nahrungsmittel-Zubereitung! ©Rolling Pin

Besides the gastronomic trends and thoughts about the future of gastronomy, one thing was clear: cooking is much more than the preparation of foodstuffs. It is about creativity, ability, skill and fantasy. It is about surprising the customer and about providing good service and hospitality. And it needs space. Which should not be filled by administration and the implementation of EU regulations. This is why we feel encouraged about our efforts and our aims: to reduce your administrative burden as much as possible!