Say goodbye to emails, faxes and phone calls

Why order via multiple channels when you can do it much more conveniently and transparently via a central platform? Use our automatic retailer and supplier networks, our valuable statistics and evaluation tools and our mobile solutions such as the FoodNotify phone app – for significantly greater efficiency and simplicity for all your ordering channels.

Direct, centralised ordering process – thanks to a comprehensive, fully integrated network

The independent ordering platform FoodNotify is linked to the leading wholesalers and suppliers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – and thus automatically to you as well. If you already have an account at Metro, Kröswang, or similar companies, all you have to do is log in, enter your customer number – and then just place your order according to your own terms! Data is synchronised automatically, ensuring that all products, promotional items, prices and article master data are updated on a daily basis. You can also add other retailers and suppliers yourself quite easily. And you can create multiple buyers and assign individual rights to them. Whatever you do, this platform helps you keep track of everything and successfully exploit untapped opportunities for greater efficiency.

Using statistics and evaluation tools for better purchasing control

Your documents, including order confirmations, invoices and delivery notes, are now stored for you automatically, digitally and centrally. This not only gives you a better overview of your entire ordering procedure, but also enables you to analyse it more precisely using our statistics and evaluation tools. Orders and ordering channels? Can be easily traced and controlled. Prices and price lists? Can be easily synchronised and managed. Retailers and suppliers? Can be just as easily compared with one another. The results of these and other analyses will help you work much more efficiently and save both time and money.

Convenient ordering on the go – with the FoodNotify app with barcode scanner

Today’s restaurant owners have to be both flexible and agile. So why not try our handy FoodNotify app? Use your smartphone or tablet to place your orders and view your order history at any time. The integrated barcode scanner is especially useful. It can be used to scan in any price and article master data and order the products directly or place them in the shopping basket – all while you’re on the go. So if you have an idea for recipe while you’re out and about, you no longer have to write it down or memorise the ingredients or products.

FoodNotify gives your team a powerful tool to do your best work.