Simpler and better! The new FoodNotify business app is here!

Do you already know about the FoodNotify business app? Since February, the app has reduced the administrative burden for countless food business operators. The integrated barcode scanner for example makes it easier to record products and obtain allergen and nutritional value information. It allows for the creation of your own shopping list and makes ordering products easier. But we wanted to offer you more! We have therefore further developed and improved the FoodNotify business app for you!

New is always better! The most important updates of the FoodNotify business app!

“Order quickly” with the app

Forget about pen and paper! Ordering products from your wholesaler has never been easier with the new FoodNotify business app.

Under the function “order quickly”, you will find your digital ordering list from your wholesaler (comparable to the menu link “my products” on As of right now, you can buy products from this overview or the order list. Simply select the desired quantity of each product and that’s it. The article will automatically be added in the selected quantity to the shopping basket. Once you have selected all of your products, you can send the order as normal to your wholesaler. Through the integrated “swipe to delete” function, it’s easy to delete products from your shopping basket.


It’s this easy to order food with our app:

  1. Select “order quickly”
  2. Change the quantities
  3. Click “order” in the shopping basket


Complete redesign

During the further development and improvement, we have used the opportunity to make some design changes to the app! The FoodNotify business app 2.1 really shines. We have introduced the new Intro screen overview of all the new app functions and have expanded the number of languages: you want to use the app in French? Pas de problème!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

All of the old functions of the “old” FoodNotify business app are still there. Basically, the largest food database in Europe is at your disposal, which already has over 500.000 products and increasing. The ease of use and speed of the barcode scanner, which you can use to add your products and obtain information about allergens and so on, is as good as ever. As before, you can even set the app to offline and create shopping lists together with other users.

One thing is clear: using the new FoodNotify business app 2.1 will further reduce your administrative burden and allow you to make the necessary working steps as efficient and time saving as possible!

All functions at a glance:

  • Complete redesign of the app
  • New intro screen with a quick explanation of the features
  • New languages: French and Hebrew
  • Simple one-click ordering thanks to the “order quickly” function
  • Simple deletion of products in the shopping basket with the “swipe to delete” function
  • Improved synchronization of lists
  • Separation of lists into “scanned” and “searched”
  • Sort products into categories
  • Fixes and performance improvements

Impressed? Then download the the FoodNotify business app right now and try out the new functions!