Nutritional information

Calories Fat Saturated Fats Carbohydrates Sugar Protein Salt Dietary fibre

FoodNotify not only makes it possible to label allergens in your meals. Due to the comprehensive databases, nutritional values and additives in meals can also be shown. For instance, nutritional values such as fats, carbohydrates or dietary fibre and additives such as antioxidants or preservatives can be shown. For our customers from Germany this means special added value, as the ingredients have already had to be shown since 1997 there.

Convince your guests of the added value of your dishes!

  • Calculate the nutritional values of your recipes based on the BLS and the data from the producers that already exists.
  • Have your recipes converted on a case-by-case basis based on the desired number of portions
  • Use the function for exporting data to Word and Excel
  • Design menus with your own recipes
  • Allergen management (all ingredients are stored complete with allergen data)
  • FoodNotify co-operates with multiple databases.