Die FoodNotify App auf dem Iphone

Work more simply and efficiently with the FoodNotify Business App!

Admittedly, despite FoodNotify making the implementation of the Food Information Regulation (FIR) much easier, there is still quite a bit of effort required – at least at the beginning. First of all, the recipes must be created or adapted, and then individual ingredients must be found from our database of around 450,000 ingredients. What if this effort could be further reduced? What if you could only find these ingredients without searching for them? How about instead of sitting in front of your computer, you could simply scan the product’s barcode? And how about, if you could use the details purposes other than allergen labelling? We asked ourselves these questions, and came up with the FoodNotify business app!

The new FoodNotify business app is here!

As of the beginning of February, the new FoodNotify business app will be available, which in the future will make both your daily life and implementation of the FIR much easier!

Scan and inform: that’s how the FoodNotify business app works!

To add your ingredients more quickly and simply, we have further developed our EAN scanner. It’s basic function – scanning barcodes – will stay the same, however it’s speed and user-friendliness has been dramatically improved. With the app, which is additionally a scanner, you can scan the barcode on the packets of your ingredients, and it will display all the information for the scanned product: its nutritional values, allergens, ingredients and additives.

You don’t need any additional hardware, just download the app in the App Store, Google Play store or Windows store.

Didn’t you have an app before? What makes the FoodNotify business app better in comparison to the earlier EAN scanner?

If you have been using the FoodNotify service for a while, you will know that we already offer the ability to scan barcodes. Why are we then making so much fuss about this new app? Simple! The scanner isn’t just new and improved; the app also contains many more useful functions!

  • Speed and time saving

Compared to the old EAN scanner, the app scanner has been significantly improved. The codes can be quickly recognized, and the app is more user-friendly. All products which you have already scanned are saved by the business app in your favourites list in your FoodNotify account. When you perform a new search for ingredients on the FoodNotify platform, the products you have already scanned will always be shown at the top of the list. This way you can save time in the future!

  • Online, offline and synchronised

All scanned products and the related information will not just be saved in-app, but also automatically on your FoodNotify account. This function works even if you scan off-line, as the FoodNotify business app works even without being connected to the internet. You can therefore use the app in areas of no connectivity, such as in your storage room, cellar or cold storage room. The app saves the data on your handset and when you are back online it synchronises the data with the FoodNotify platform.

  • Access to a database of over 450,000 products

The FoodNotify business app gives you access to all products stored in the FoodNotify database, in other words currently around 450,000 products. It is therefore pretty safe to assume that the products which you use in your business will be found with our scanner. Additionally, as a METRO customer this is guaranteed: for METRO Austria and Germany customers this includes the entire METRO product assortment (for foodstuffs).

  • Create and manage your shopping list

Whilst you are scanning your products in your store room or cold storage room, you may notice that you don’t have enough of certain ingredients. With the FoodNotify business app, not only can you store your products, but you can additionally create and manage your shopping list. This way, you can work with several users and directly email your shopping list to your suppliers.

  • Use the app with other employees

With permission granted by the administrator, all of your employees in your business can install the FoodNotify business app. Each individual user can additionally be given separate authorisation. This way the administrator can be sure that only authorised people can change recipes or make orders, whilst others can only view the details. Another advantage: together with other users, you can work on an interactive shopping or order list. Every authorised person can therefore see the current shopping list.

  • Directly order as a METRO customer

As a METRO Austria customer you can enjoy additional benefits! Firstly, you don’t just see information on nutritional values or ingredients, but also the price of each product at METRO. Secondly, you can use the new ordering solution for METRO Austria customers and order directly through the app. Simply select the required quantity and add to the shopping basket. The order will be transferred to METRO Austria, and the delivery and billing will be made directly by METRO.


The advantages of the FoodNotify business app at a glance

  • Free
  • Works even off-line
  • Access to the FoodNotify database with around 450,000 products
  • Information of all ingredients, additives, allergens, nutritional values and price of the product
  • Access for multiple users
  • Create and manage your shopping list
  • Scanned products will be saved in your favourites list in your FoodNotify account
  • Option to order directly for METRO Austria customers


Download the free app now and make the most of the benefits:

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