Reach new customers

Use FoodNotify to enhance your visibility for potential customers

Do you want to target new customers without spending huge sums on marketing or your own web shop? Then why not join the FoodNotify producer network right away? Producers can use the independent FoodNotify ordering platform to offer a constantly growing number of registered restaurant and hotel owners everything they need for their culinary products. In a nutshell: FoodNotify brings supply and demand together. As a producer, you can use FoodNotify to target new customers – regardless of whether you are a regional or nationwide supplier with a wide or very select range. FoodNotify connects you directly with your target group without any sales commissions or hidden costs.

Integrative recipe management and development

Create and manage your recipes with your employees and automatically display the nutritional values for your products

Even if you offer only a very limited range of cuisine, managing recipes and displaying nutritional values and allergens is enormously time-consuming. Using FoodNotify’s integrative recipe management and development tool, you can create new compositions, including instructions for preparation, with just a few clicks and save them in a central database. The system then automatically adds labels with the nutritional values and allergens for your products. Thanks to modern user management, your employees can also edit your recipes. Status modifications are easy to trace, which ensures that you never lose track because you always know who made which changes.

This not only reduces the amount of work involved and the risk of error when important information is shared within your team, it also eliminates the need for you to worry about FIC labelling and compliance.

Efficient and transparent communication

FoodNotify is the central platform for communicating with your customers from order to delivery

Communicating with customers can be a real challenge, especially for small regional producers with only a few employees. Orders have to be received via various channels and the data has to be entered into the ordering system by hand. FoodNotify makes the ordering process and communication with your customers much, much simpler. Your customers’ orders are transmitted to you directly via the FoodNotify ordering platform. Time-consuming communication by telephone, fax and email, and adjusting orders by hand are now a thing of the past. Automating the ordering process also reduces your process costs and the manual error rate.

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