Only the best ingredients for your kitchen administration

To many people, recipes still involve ballpoint pens and recipe booklets. But now, managing your recipes is a piece of cake, and there is no longer any need for analogue tools and manual operations. The digital cookery book – a cloud solution developed by our team – is the main ingredient of both FoodNotify and your entire merchandise management system.

From soup to nuts – simple and secure recipe management

Your digital cookery book covers all your needs. It contains all your recipes as well as over 2,000 recipe suggestions and is stored in your personal cloud. Your recipes are securely encrypted and can only be accessed by those people whom you have authorized. You can assign user access rights individually. Thanks to the high-availability cloud solution, you and your colleagues can access the digital cookery book from any terminal at any time – without the risk of losing a recipe or even the entire cookery book.

From name to price – automatic master data maintenance for over 1 million items

The FoodNotify food database not only helps create your recipes with ease, it is also completely maintenance-free for you, as there is no need for manual master data maintenance. All the article master data is provided by major food wholesalers who update it all daily. Our food database also retrieves this data automatically on a daily basis. This means that prices, quantities, allergens, nutritional values and additives are always up to date. All this leads to increased time savings and more accurate food calculations and FIC labelling.

From allergen to nutritional value – automatic FIC labelling

Your digital cookery book helps you meet important compliance and legal requirements without any fuss. The food is automatically labelled with all FIC data, including allergens, additives and nutritional values via the FoodNotify food database. The best part of it is, you don’t have to do a thing to maintain the master data: the item data is updated by the retailer and synchronized automatically by our database. So you are always on the safe side, without any hassle.

From the cost of goods to the contribution margin – calculating dishes automatically

Optimum food calculation is essential for restaurant owners – but it is also both tedious and time-consuming. Save yourself these work-intensive calculations by using our contribution margin calculator. Based on our constantly updated food database, it automatically calculates the exact cost of goods for your creations and makes calculating the sales price and contribution margin as easy as pie. This means an end to all your problems with constantly changing purchase and sales prices and allows you to calculate costs quickly, economically and successfully.

From statistics to notifications – keeping track at all times

FoodNotify can help you increase your economic success in the long term. On the one hand, clearly presented statistics show you which products you spend the most money on, which dishes earn you the most money, and where you ought to optimize your purchasing management. On the other hand, we send you notifications informing you of changes in costs and low stock levels for individual products. This valuable information helps constantly improve your business results with little effort and keep track at all times.

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