You, too, can use FoodNotify as your digital recipe for success

As a retailer, supplier or producer, you know your target group: the catering trade. The new, younger generation of restaurateurs, in particular, is becoming increasingly aware of and actively looking for digital solutions that will make their kitchen administration significantly more efficient and successful. Where do restaurants of every size find these digital solutions – and where can you address your target group directly? Right here at FoodNotify!

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FoodNotify offers digital administration tools for restaurant and café owners. For example, the digital cookery book including recipe management. Or our online ERP system, which also integrates digital POS systems. Or our supremely well-connected ordering platform. And this is exactly where you come in: once your distribution system is connected to and synchronised with our ordering platform, you are automatically visible to a large range of potential customers and can be contacted directly for new orders, whether you are active regionally or internationally and whether you offer a wide or very select range.

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Use FoodNotify to target and gain new customers, while at the same time significantly reducing the work involved in accepting and processing orders. Just follow the restaurant owners’ lead and streamline your time-consuming manual administrative processes. Say goodbye to phone calls, emails and faxes, sit back, and enjoy using just a single, digital platform. Welcome to FoodNotify!

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