Modern tools for contemporary training

The educational version (EDU) of FoodNotify will help you raise the lessons at your school, university or training institution to a digital, and hence entirely new level. All the tools we provide are easy to use and will ensure that your students, most of whom are digital natives these days, quickly reach their desired learning goals.

All the FoodNotify tools

FoodNotify features: Use our standard functions such as the recipe management tool, the product and recipe database, the contribution margin and cost of goods calculator, the drag-and-drop menu designer, the ordering function and the automated merchandise management system.

EDU version: This allows you to access the extensive range of tools offered by FoodNotify. It helps you simplify your administration processes and make your lessons even better. You decide which administration tools you want your students to learn how to use. The EDU version is fully adapted to your needs.

Extended functionality for training purposes

In addition to the standard functions, we also offer extended tools that make everyday teaching easier for you and your pupils, students or apprentices.

Recipe database: Create in-school recipe databases and share them with all your students without any hassle. Recipes are automatically imported into the students’ accounts, making forgotten recipe folders or teaching materials a thing of the past.  All FoodNotify features can be accessed at any time from your computer, tablet and smartphone.

Tasting log: Use this tool to analyse and evaluate recipes with your students, or have your students save homemade food photos of the recipes, which transforms each student account into a real-time cookery book and encyclopaedia.

Administration made easy

Administration: The training version of FoodNotify makes student, class, recipe etc. administration as easy as possible. Create classes, assign students and use FoodNotify successfully together.

Installation: We want you to be able to concentrate on your lessons and your students, which is why we take care of everything else. There is no need for you to install software or purchase special hardware for the school. All the accounts are located on secure FoodNotify servers in Germany and can be accessed from any internet-enabled device.

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